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Set n°1

  1. On The Road Again (Alison Biggs; Peter Metelnick) – On The Road Again (Willie Nelson)
  2. Canadian Stomp (Inconnu) – Any Man Of Mine (Shania Twain)
  3. Bring Down the House (Larry Bass) – Bring Down the House (Dean Brody)
  4. Roots (Tina Argyle) – Roots (Zac Brown Band)
  5. Happy, happy, happy (Angeles Mateu Simon) – Soggy Bottom Summer (Dean Brody)
  6. Champagne Promise (Tina Argyle) – Champagne Promise (David Nail)
  7. I Run To You (Rachael McEnaney) – I Run To You (Lady Antebellum)
  8. Gently On My Mind (Sue Smyth) – Gentle on my mind (The band perry)
  9. Strait to the Bar (Dan Albro) – Every Little Honky Tonk Bar (George Strait)
  10. What makes you country (Rob Holley) – What Makes You Country (Luke Bryan)
  11. Wintergreen (Maggie Gallagher) – Wintergreen (The East Pointers)
  12. Save My Soul (Laurent Chalon) – Save My Soul (Say-Lynn)
  13. The Banks of The Roses (Tina Argyle) – Banks Of The Roses (Nathan Carter)
  14. Country As Can Be (Suzanne Wilson) – Country As A Boy Can Be (Brady Seals)
  15. Twist and Turns (Maddison Glover) – Tomorrow Never Comes (Zac Brown Band)
  16. Nothing But You (Darren Bailey) – Nothing But You (Leaving Austin)
  17. Bruises (Niels B. POULSEN) – Bruises (Train feat. Ashley Monroe)

Set n°2

  1. Something You Love (Maggie Gallagher) – Something You Love (Kiefer SUTHERLAND)
  2. City Of Music (David VILLELLAS; Séverine Fillion) – City Of Music (Brad Paisley)
  3. Tag on (David VILLELLAS) – Too Strong To Break (Beccy Cole)
  4. Cadillacs And Caviar (Sue Ann Ehmann) – Different Kind Of Fine (Zac Brown Band)
  5. Martha Divine (Betty Mastin) – Martha Divine (Ashley McBride)
  6. Highway Don’t Care (Eric Lecardonnel) – Highway Don’t Care (Taylor Swift; Tim McGraw)
  7. Angel in blue jeans (Alison Biggs; Peter Metelnick) – Angel In Blue Jeans (Train)
  8. Corn (Rob Fowler) – Corn (Blake Shelton)
  9. Diane (Séverine Fillion) – Diane (Cam)
  10. Crazy Song (Brayan Bogey; Séverine Fillion) – What A Song Can Do (Lady Antebellum)
  11. Somebody Like You (Alan G. Birchall) – Somebody Like You (Keith Urban)
  12. Ghost Town (Arnaud Marraffa) – Ghost Town (Sam Outlaw)
  13. Heading For A New Life (Daisy SIMONS) – Heading For A New Life (Dawn)
  14. Wasted (Leanne Nahrgang) – Wasted (Carrie Underwood)
  15. Reason To Stay (Darren Bailey) – Reason To Stay (Brett Young)
  16. Quitter (Maggie Gallagher) – Quitter (Carrie Underwood)

Set n°3

  1. Wanna Getcha (Séverine Fillion) – Getcha (Matt Lang)
  2. Happy Anywhere (Marianne Langagne) – Happy Anywhere (Blake Shelton; Gwen Stefani)
  3. Desirable (Chrystel Durand) – Everybody (Chris Janson)
  4. Cold Heart (Maddison Glover) – Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) (Dua Lipa; Elton John)
  5. Roller Coaster (Daisy SIMONS) – Roller Coaster (Danny Vera)
  6. Let Us Talk (Danvoie Gregory) – Let us talk (Say-Lynn)
  7. Back To The Start (Haley Weshead) – Back to the Start (Michael Schulte)
  8. Done (Darren Bailey) – Done (Chris Janson)
  9. Getting Good (Chrystel Durand; Séverine Fillion) – Getting Good (Lauren Alaina)
  10. Story (Maddison Glover) – Story (Drake White)
  11. LMN Saloon (Laura Turcaud; Maevan Courant; Nicolas Gilet) – Beer 10 (Alan Jackson)
  12. Dear friend (Kate Sala) – Carry You Home (Ward Thomas)
  13. Day Of The Dead (Dan Albro) – Day Of The Dead (Wade Bowen)
  14. Gone West (Gary O’Reilly; Maggie Gallagher) – Gone West (Gone West)
  15. The Harvester (Séverine Fillion) – The Harvester (Brandon Heath)
  16. Lay Low (Darren Bailey) – Lay Low (Josh Turner)
  17. Footloose (Rob Fowler) – Blake Shelton (Blake Shelton)

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